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Recent developments

December 2015

Early days for this mission; December 23, 2015.

Arriving today, we are immediately in the heart of the embargo with India, the price of the taxi for the trip from the airport has increased from 800-2000 rupees (7.50 euros to 18.60) following the delivery problem of gasoline exported from India.

To cook rice, it takes 4 hours at full power using electricity, using the devices 'réchaux' supplied by NYOP this time can be reduced to 30 minutes.  Carinne and Philippe brought with them a number of "small réchaux" which were paid for by NYOP association and also by our godmother sponsors who made a donation to these devices. Also while cooking food, the 'réchaux' will warm up the room and comes equipt with a stack that enables a USB plug to be added and a laptops or phone can be charged at the same time as cooking.