Dr Sumita Singh with a child from an orphanage


This page is dedicated to the donations given by generous people. LBCHF is very grateful for the support which they receieve.

NOYP donate £1000

17. Aug, 2015

Orphanage for children with disabilities

Following the second earthquake, Carinne and Philip Mussett representing Nepali Om Youth Peace donated (NOYP) £1000 to secure the orphanage building. Children were able to continue to stay in the orphanage thanks to this donation.

17. Oct, 2015

NOYP donate 1000 Euros to LBCHF

A very kind donation was given by Nepali Om Youth Peace

  • Dress a girl around the world

    Up-cycled dresses created for girls in Nepal by Year 9 students from Brentford School for Girls

  • Clothing donations

    Clothes donated following the earthquakes

  • Fans donated through LBCHF to Women's Dreams charity

    Brentford School for Girls raised money following the earthquake. Fans were purchased by LBCHF to cool the air in the space where people were being kept on bed-rest following the earthquakes. They has been buried and had back and pelvic problems.