Supporting the community

New Flipflops

Formerly a Principal of Lord Buddha School, Kathmandu, Dr Sumita Singh still has a strong interest in education and has personally sponsored a number of students following the earthquake.

Dr Sumita has managed to encourage friends and family across the globe to also sponsor children who are particulatly in need.

Before the earthquake, some children needed financial support for their school fees but following the earthquake a larger number of children cannot access education as their parents and families do not have the money available to use on education.

An orphanage for children with disabilities

LBCHF works with an orphanage for children with disabilities. Nepali Youth Om Peace

A child with disabilities

An orphanage which is supported by LBCHF

Unesh sponsored through links with LBCHF

School fees are paid by a person who supports LBCHF

Clothes donated to children in an orphanage

LBCHF working with an orphanage for children with SEN